Jun 232012

Here is a video from the archives, originally posted 12/11/2011.


Many viewers have asked what they can do to address low light video issues. In this video, Michael reviews the Sima SL-20LX LED video light. The kit includes the light, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a charger and an anodized aluminum bracket. This is an excellent product and a great value to provide additional lighting video taken with your DSLR, superzoom camera, or camcorder.

Sample pictures and videos are included.

It takes approximately 3 hours to charge the unit, which lasts about 45-60 minutes before recharging is necessary. It has a standard shoe mount. The included bracket makes it very easy to attach to any camera/video camera that has a standard tripod screw hole.

Note (6/23/2012): since producing this video in December of 2011, I’ve purchased a few more of these lights and use them a lot. – Michael


BinaryCafe - Review - Sima LED Video Light

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